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PPF Professional kit (PPF Tools)

PPF Professional kit (PPF Tools)

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This is Mike Norng's personal PPF Professional Kit that he has in his own pouch. Retail price for this kit is $515, and is what he uses daily. This is everything you need to install PPF. ppf tools.

Kit Includes:

PPF Pro Pack (5 Squeegees Magnetic)

PPF Prepping Squeegee Package (3 Squeegee)

Film Slitter (pocket size)

Heavy Duty Film Slitter & Blade

PPF Tweezer Set

Magnetic Blade Breaker

4" Green Soft Card (edge w toolrapping tool)

PPF NT Yellow Knife

PPF NT Red Knife

Ninja Knife (6mm)

10ml Plastic Syringe

(1) 30 Olfa Degree Carbon Blade

(1) 30 NT Degree Carbon Blade (Japan)

(1) Tajima 6mm Carbon Blade (10 pcs)

Magnetic Tape

Metal Tucking Tools (stainless steel)


Gasket Gap Combo

PPF Cut Tape Sample Kit

PPF Torch

Grab 16oz

MMM Electric Sprayer (slip solution)

MMM Electric Sprayer (tack solution)



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