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Window Tinting Sales Script

Window Tinting Sales Script

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The Sales Script is the ultimate blueprint to close and increase your window tint sales.

If you want to scale your business, it always starts with the sales process first. Most shops do not even include a sales script in their process, or the owner is stuck doing the sales. Learn how to scale and/or structure your sales process with a sales script. My sales scripts are my secret to how my sales guys & girls closed 100K+ in sales a month, as well as how we sell mostly 1k in tint, PPF, and ceramic coating services.

Like most shops, you are probably the one handing the phone calls because you feel no one can do it better than you….You more than likely have an assistant that you still don’t trust picking up the phone, or they are just giving prices when answering calls. Do you freestyle the conversation on every phone call? Does your mind go blank sometimes, or was there something you wish you had mentioned that might have closed the deal? YOU NEED A SALES SCRIPT!!!

You've probably made these mistakes before and didn’t know it:

  • You're missing details when you freestyle the conversation
  • You or your team explains your services differently every time
  • Your team doesn’t know the answer to the prospect question

How can you improve your sale if you do not have a sales script in your process?

Why you need a sales script:

A sales script is a way of controlling the conversation with the prospect and closing them. Have you ever had a conversation with a prospect and your mind went blank or there was something you forgot to mention? That is precisely why you need a sales script. 90% of prospects always ask the same question(s), and the script helps answer and educate them.

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