30 Degree Carbon Blade (Japan NT)


    This is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This blade is extremely sharp and is specially made in Japan. Because of this...

    30 Degree Carbon Blade (OLFA)


    This product is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This is an extremely sharp blade that is long-lasting. Because of this quality product, it is...

    3hr Consultant with Accountability Follow-Up


    This consultant will go over your processes, procedures, and policy. Learn how to close more high-ticket sales in the PPF and TINT industry. I will teach you how to sell...

    5-Gallon Spray Tank


    This deluxe pressurized tank holds up to 5 gallons of solution. It includes a sprayer setup that is great for a powerful and excellent application. These are NEW 5-gallon stainless steel tanks. ...

    Acrylic Display


    This is an Acrylic Display to hold side glasses. It displays side glasses with a seamless and clean look. It contains enough slots to hold up to 10 side glasses....

    Angle Spray Tip


    This angle spray tip is compatible with our plastic spray handle. It contains an adjustable tip to change from a mist to a straight stream setting for your solution from your tank.

    Angle Tucking Tool (magnetic)


    The Angle Tucking Tool is the most popular tool used in the edge wrapping tool set. It is perfect for precise work and maneuvering vinyl. This magnetic tool has the...



    This is the B-LOAD TOOL (BOTTOM LOADING TOOL). It has been designed to accommodate more vehicles along with some refined angles to give more room when loading the film.  The...

    Black Bondo Hard Card (magnetic)


    This hard Bondo card is perfect for both PPF and vinyl. It is a high-quality, flexible, and magnetic squeegee. It will help with edge-wrapping PPF without damaging the film. The...

    Black Wing Squeegee


    This squeegee is made for extracting solution from the edges of the glass. Because of the specially-made handle, it contours perfectly with the hand, allowing a comfortable application. Each Black Wing will...

    Blade Breaker (Magnetic)


    The BEST blade snapper ever. It can fit in your pouch or pocket for easy transportation. The quality-made plastic will guarantee to snap your stainless steel or carbon blade every...

    Blue Shank


    This tool is made to help create a gap to tuck your film below the sweep. The wider design will allow it to open the gasket more to be efficient. 

    Bulldozer (Auto)


    The Bulldozer I is used in automotive applications. Features a 6″ squeegee blade and is 15″ in overall length. The rubber squeegee blade allows the Bulldozer to conform to curved...

    Bump Cover


    This is bump cover for our Glass Station. This is to protect your glass station from scratching or damaging anything when moving.

    Carbon Blade (6mm)


    This blade is outstandingly versatile and helpful. This blade is only compatible with our Ninja Knife. There are two sizes, where the 6mm blade is more narrow than the traditional 9mm blade....

    Carbon Fiber PPF


    This is an 8mil Gloss Carbon Fiber PPF made by Ultrafit. This is the best carbon fiber I have used. It looks exactly like real carbon fiber. It is easy...

    Ceramic Coating Sales Script (2023 updated version)


    The Sales Script is the ultimate blueprint to close and increase your ceramic coating sales. If you want to scale your business, it always starts with the sales process first....



    The Chizler combines a small size, stiff material and beveled edges to make it a perfect tool for pressing out small crease marks and getting small air pockets to lay...

    Clay Pad - 2 per pack


    This Clay Pad is custom-made for the film industry. After many months of testing the different clay bars/clay pads, I found that they all had some limitations to our industry....

    Conquerer (Blue)


    The Blue Conquerer is a newer version of an old industry favorite. The Blue Conquerer has a stiffer rubber squeegee blade than the original Yellow Conquerer. This stiffer edge is...

    CRL Push Stick


    This is the strongest push stick ever made. It is very durable and will last longer than any other push stick. We use it to remove parts, panels, clip, and...

    Detailing Brush (PPF and Detailing Prepping)


    Detailing brush to clean crevices and tight spots. Very high-quality brush made from rayon fiber. This has my approval and works fantastic!!! MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!!

    Digitized Terms & Conditions


    Protect your business with terms and conditions for your client to sign. It is now digitized for your client to sign in person, by text, or by email. It will...

    Dip Tube (5 Gallon Tank)


    This dip tube is made for a 5-gallon spray tank. It allows your 5-gallon tank to convert into 2 sprayers.  You will also need to buy a ball lock if you...

    Door Saver


    Our door saver is PVC adhesive tape and not paper which can cause contamination when it gets wet. Cost is .25-.50 per vehicle to have peace of mind and protect...

    Door Saver Set (2023)


    This is the updated version (September 2023) to make it more durable. Introducing the Door Saver Set, a revolutionary solution designed to protect your door panels effortlessly. This innovative set...

    DTG Printing for M-Vest


    Logo for your M-Vest - Please read before purchasing! We are now providing logo printing for the M-Vest. You will receive a small logo on the left chest and a...

    Electric Spray Bottle (2024)


    This is a 1/2 gallon (or 2 l) electric adjustable spray bottle. No more traditional spray bottle or pump bottle ever needed again! It will last for days with a full...

    Electric Sprayer


    Electric sprayer handle is rechargeable and perfect for ppf, tint, and detailing. No more spray bottle or airing up tank to perform your service with this equipment. We custom fabricated...

    Emblem Removal Bar


    The Emblem Removal Bar tool is the fastest and easiest way to remove vehicle emblems and logos from a vehicle. This tool is used before applying PPF, wrap, and graphic...

    EZ Reach


    This tools will help you open gasket in those hard to reach places.

    Felt Squeegee


    This versatile squeegee is being used to heat shrink high performance window films to help prevent distortion and adhesive smear that can be a problem with harder installation cards when...

    Film Clip


    These are plastic flexible film clip to hold your PPF, window film, and vinyl film in place.

    Film Slitter


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a mini-size slitter that can fit in your pocket or tool pouch. It has a carbon blade for many...

    Film Slitter (Heavy Duty Hand Held)


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a heavy-duty slitter that is strong enough to cut safety film. It has a high-quality sharp blade for many...

    Film Table Roller


    51" wide Roller for PPF, Vinyl, and sign shop. This will make it efficient and save you material costs for your business. This roller can hold size film up to...

    Filter - 100 mesh


    This filter is a stainless steel 100 mesh filter. It will eliminate containment for your ppf and tint installation.

    Flexible Magnetic Measuring Tape


    Flexible and durable measuring tape that contains magnets to provide a more convenient way to take measurements. It will not damage vehicle paint and will stick to magnetic surface.

    Full-Front PPF Digital Art


    This is a custom design full-front PPF digital artwork. This file can be used to print your menu, display it on the lobby screen, website, or attach it to your...

    Gasket Gap


    Gasket Gap The most innovative tool for tucking your PPF or vinyl film under those gaskets. This tool help creates a gap in tight crevices for that perfect install. This...

    Ghost Glove


      The new WrapGlove GHOST is a PPF application glove.  However, vinyl, ppf, and tint professionals will find the GHOST a perfect fit within WrapGlove's V3 space by generating little to...

    Glass Prepping Blade


    The glass prepping blade set come with one handle and 3 size blades. It is adjustable and change out every easiy to clean different size glass. The softness of the...

    Glass Station (6' Edition)


    This is the best equipment ever made for the Window film & PPF industry. We are bringing your mobility and efficiency to another level. This is the highest quality peel...

    Glass Station Max (10' Edition)


    This is the best equipment ever made for the Window film & PPF industry. We are bringing your mobility and efficiency to another level. This is the highest quality peel...

    Glass Teflon Tape & PPF Paint Aid Cutting Tape


    The 1/4" Tape is perfect for a potter strip. It is more durable and affordable than OEM cutting strip. PPF paint aid tape is a glass thermal tape to help...

    Glass Teflon Tape 1/2" (Glass Tape)


      This is a glass teflon tape use to wrap your tools. It will smoothly glide on the film without scratching it. It is the most durable tape due to...

    Google Review Digital Art


    Looking for additional reviews? Boost your review count with our digital art service. We specialize in creating customized designs that incorporate your logo and a unique QR code. By including...

    GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep


    This is a product that changes your paint to its original state. After manufacturing the paint of the vehicle, it gets washed, buffed, and sealant before delivering to the end...

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