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About us

My Journey and Vision

Mike Norng:

Founder of AFS (Auto Film Specialists), Houston, Texas

Founder of AFM (Auto Film Mastery)

My Path to Innovation and Efficiency

As the driving force behind AFS (Auto Film Specialists), a renowned name in the auto film industry with several locations in Houston, Texas, my journey began on the ground floor as an installer. My initial days as an installer sparked a quest for efficiency and excellence, leading me to devise specialized tools and equipment. These innovations, originally intended for my team, were designed to streamline our installation processes, making them less laborious and more efficient.

Pioneering in the Industry

I soon realized that my creations filled a unique gap in our field. As our team expanded, our reputation for unparalleled efficiency spread far and wide. Installers from around the globe visited our shop, witnessing our streamlined operations firsthand. Their interest in my tools and techniques led to the birth of "Make More Money" – a venture aimed at transforming the industry.

Make More Money: Empowering Efficiency

"Make More Money" is more than just a business; it's a mission fueled by passion. It's about elevating the industry, ensuring our skillset is not just recognized but valued as an essential and artistic craft. I firmly believe in the artistry of our work – as I often say, "This is an art, and not a job, and the artist always do a better job."

My Vision for the Industry

My ultimate goal is to instill a mindset of efficiency in every professional in this industry. Being efficient equates to being profitable. It's about working smarter, not harder. By sharing my knowledge and innovations, I aim to revolutionize our industry, making every shop not just a place of work but a hub of artistry and efficiency.

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