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    Door Saver Set (2023)


    This is the updated version (September 2023) to make it more durable. Introducing the Door Saver Set, a revolutionary solution designed to protect your door panels effortlessly. This innovative set...

    Prepping Squeegee 8.5"


    Prepping squeegee with a stiff handle for larger flat panels.

    Waist Heat Gun Holder


    The Waist Heat Gun Holds is the most efficient way of keeping your heat gun close to you when you need it. It is made from a very durable recycled...

    Detailing Brush (PPF and Detailing Prepping)


    Detailing brush to clean crevices and tight spots. Very high-quality brush made from rayon fiber. This has my approval and works fantastic!!! MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!!

    Green Bondo Soft Card (magnetic)


    This soft bondo card is perfect for PPF and vinyl. It is a high-quality and flexible magnetic squeegee. It will help edge wrap your PPF without damaging the film. The...

    Trim Removal Tools


    Tools to remove any trims, door panels, and parts. These tools will prevent scratches for your removal. They are made from high-quality plastic and are heavy-duty to ensure they last...

    PPF Table Top Display


    The best visual display to show your clients how PPF and vinyl would look like on their vehicle. It is made from black acrylic and comes with 8 solid clear...

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