Detailing Tools & Products

    GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep


    This is a product that changes your paint to its original state. After manufacturing the paint of the vehicle, it gets washed, buffed, and sealant before delivering to the end...

    Electric Spray Bottle (2024)


    This is a 1/2 gallon (or 2 l) electric adjustable spray bottle. No more traditional spray bottle or pump bottle ever needed again! It will last for days with a full...

    PPF Thermo Tank - 1 Gallon


    MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING 1 Gallon Thermos Tank to keep your solution hot for 24 hr. It is custom fabricated to connect to a quick connect. It comes with an innovative...

    XL PPF Prepping Squeegee


    The best prepping squeegee for PPF. This new tool will have more coverage to prep squeegee your panel before installs. The XL size is perfect to squeegee hood and large...

    Clay Pad - 2 per pack


    This Clay Pad is custom-made for the film industry. After many months of testing the different clay bars/clay pads, I found that they all had some limitations to our industry....

    Detailing Brush (PPF and Detailing Prepping)


    Detailing brush to clean crevices and tight spots. Very high-quality brush made from rayon fiber. This has my approval and works fantastic!!! MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!!

    Waterfall Hood Display


    This is a waterfall hood display to show the hydrophobic effect of ceramic coating on paint and PPF. It is lit up and includes one metal hood. The hood is...

    5-Gallon Spray Tank


    This deluxe pressurized tank holds up to 5 gallons of solution. It includes a sprayer setup that is great for a powerful and excellent application. These are NEW 5-gallon stainless steel tanks. ...

    Pod Caddy 2024


    This Pod Caddy is the best equipment to help Tinter, PPF installers, and Detailer be efficient. This equipment will bring your mobility and efficiency to another level. *** Pod Caddy...

    Spray Tank


    Stainless steel spray tank with sprayer set up. These are NEW 5, 3, & 1.75 gallon stainless steel tanks.  Includes: sprayer set up with sprayer handle, angled nozzle, 100 mesh...

    Electric Sprayer


    Electric sprayer handle is rechargeable and perfect for ppf, tint, and detailing. No more spray bottle or airing up tank to perform your service with this equipment. We custom fabricated...

    Mini Jet Fan Blower


    The Mini Jet Blower is perfect for blower water out of vehicle surface and crevices. It is compact and powerful. It feature a high speed brushless motor that run at...

    Stainless Steel Razor Blade (100 pack)


    The stainless steel razor blade measures 1.5". This is safe to use on glass. It is used to remove decal, cleaning, and prepping glass.

    Sprayer Head (Electric)


    This new sprayer head will fit the current MMM spray electric bottle. It has a  rubber button to prevent water from getting into it. It comes with everything you see in the...

    MMM Detailing Brush


    Detailing brush to clean crevices and tight spots. This high-quality long brush is made from boar hair and the short handle is made from synthetic fiber. You will receive both...

    Mini Knee Pad


    This is premium extra firm cushioning knee pad. Crafted with high-density foam, the 1" thick pad offers superior comfort and support, ensuring your joints are protected during your installation. This...

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