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    The hottest and newest products for the film industry. These are the most innovative equipment, tools, and product to make us efficient.

    Y-Style Large (Magnetic)


    Make More Money Squeegee will extract more solutions with curved and sanded corners for your PPF and window film installation. It glides over your film so smoothly without causing marks,...



    MUST READ THE HEIGHT & WEIGHT SIZE CHART TO PURCHASE THE CORRECT SIZES. THERE ARE NO REFUND. Click here to add your business logo to your M-Vest: Logo Printing The...

    Mini Extractor


    Mini Extractor squeegee will extract more solutions for your window tinting and PPF installation. This squeegee is perfect to extract solution from those harder to reach places. It glides over your...

    Mini Torch


    Mini butane torch, perfect for directing heat onto certain/tight areas. Perfect torch for pretreating window tint and touching up your corner wrap for PPF. I have been testing a few...

    Superman Squeegee


    Superman Squeegee is the perfect 5" wide squeegee for PPF and Tint. It is the same MMM squeegee with a beveled edge and is on a handle to extract your...

    Mini Plus (Magnetic)


    Make More Money magnetic squeegee will extract more solutions with curved and sanded corners for your PPF and window tinting installation. This squeegee is perfect for tucking your edges and extracting...

    Magic Stick


    The perfect stick for wrapping behind all those hard to reach places.  Perfect for any ppf and vinyl wrap installer!

    PPF Thermo Tank - 1 Gallon


    MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING 1 Gallon Thermos Tank to keep your solution hot for 24 hr. It is custom fabricated to connect to a quick connect. It comes with an innovative...

    Black Wing Squeegee


    This squeegee is made for extracting solution from the edges of the glass. Because of the specially-made handle, it contours perfectly with the hand, allowing a comfortable application. Each Black Wing will...

    Mxtractor w/ Handle


    Perfect bevel squeegee to extract all your solution for window tinting and PPF. You have the option of a long or shor handle, made of plastic with a comfortable foam...

    Mxtractor Squeegee


    Perfect bevel squeegee to extract all your solution for window tinting and PPF. It is perfect to squeegee windshields, back glasses, side glasses, for window tinting and fir large hoods...

    Glass Prepping Blade


    The glass prepping blade set come with one handle and 3 size blades. It is adjustable and change out every easiy to clean different size glass. The softness of the...

    Pod Caddy 2024


    This Pod Caddy is the best equipment to help Tinter, PPF installers, and Detailer be efficient. This equipment will bring your mobility and efficiency to another level. *** Pod Caddy...

    Titanium Tweezer


    The perfect angle tweezer for PPF and vinyl installations. Made from titanium and is very durable without bending the end. The tweezer can grasp film without slipping, administrating a flawless pull...

    Emblem Removal Bar


    The Emblem Removal Bar tool is the fastest and easiest way to remove vehicle emblems and logos from a vehicle. This tool is used before applying PPF, wrap, and graphic...

    Electric Sprayer


    Electric sprayer handle is rechargeable and perfect for ppf, tint, and detailing. No more spray bottle or airing up tank to perform your service with this equipment. We custom fabricated...

    Mini Jet Fan Blower


    The Mini Jet Blower is perfect for blower water out of vehicle surface and crevices. It is compact and powerful. It feature a high speed brushless motor that run at...

    CRL Push Stick


    This is the strongest push stick ever made. It is very durable and will last longer than any other push stick. We use it to remove parts, panels, clip, and...

    Trim Removal Tool (Stainless Steel)


    This stainless steel tools is for the easy removal of clips, body fasteners, interior trim pieces, exterior body moldings, wheel hub caps, etc.  Tips and Tricks: We recommend putting teflon tape...

    MMM Hard Card


    Blue hard card squeegees for shrinking your window film. It come with a felt that can be added to card. This will help prevent distortion and adhesive smear that can be a problem with...

    Red Ninja Stick


    The Red stick is most used Ninja Stick out of the three. It have the perfect hardness for tucking your PPF and Vinyl. You are now able to just purchase...

    Carbon Fiber PPF


    This is an 8mil Gloss Carbon Fiber PPF made by Ultrafit. This is the best carbon fiber I have used. It looks exactly like real carbon fiber. It is easy...

    DTG Printing for M-Vest


    Logo for your M-Vest - Please read before purchasing! We are now providing logo printing for the M-Vest. You will receive a small logo on the left chest and a...

    Mini Glass Station (4' Edition)


    ​Must Read Below: Text me if you have any questions (713) 560-0669 The best mobile equipment for the window film industry ever made. This equipment will take mobility and efficiency to...

    Film Table Roller


    51" wide Roller for PPF, Vinyl, and sign shop. This will make it efficient and save you material costs for your business. This roller can hold size film up to...

    Heat Lamp Display (Wall Mount) - 4 options


    THE NEW 2023 HEAT LAMP WITH 4 OPTION The best heat display ever made and made here in Houston, Texas. Guaranteed to educate and increase your sales in your window...

    Short Cut Squeegee


    This new tool was designed to finish the squeegeeing process of the windshield and back windows in areas where your typical squeegee and handle cannot reach. The goal was to...

    Tools Tray (Glass Station Version)


    The Tools Tray is a perfect add-on to your Glass Station to help you be efficient and organized. It will also hold your sprayer. This is the best equipment ever...

    Plastic Blade Scraper (3")


    This is a 3" plastic blade scraper to safety remove adhesive for window film and PPF. It have the perfect 3" width for a more efficient removal instead of using...

    Tint Guide Tape


    This is a 1/4" white vinyl tape to assist you when cutting your back glass and windshield. No more using light to help cut your film after shrinking. Each roll...

    3hr Consultant with Accountability Follow-Up


    This consultant will go over your processes, procedures, and policy. Learn how to close more high-ticket sales in the PPF and TINT industry. I will teach you how to sell...

    Table Station (5' x 10')


     *** PREORDER ONLY / 8 - 10 WEEKS BEFORE SHIPPING / DISCOUNTED PRICING FOR ALL PREORDER *** Please read before ordering. Preorder will receive the Table Station for discounted price...

    PPF Prepping Squeegee (6" Squeegee With Handle)


    This is a PPF 6" prepping squeegee with a handle. It is perfect to prep hood and bigger body panel.  This new tool will have more coverage to prep squeegee...

    Mini Knee Pad


    This is premium extra firm cushioning knee pad. Crafted with high-density foam, the 1" thick pad offers superior comfort and support, ensuring your joints are protected during your installation. This...

    Tinting Professional Kit


    This is the tools you need to be a professional window tinter. This kit will provide you all the tools to tint your side and back glass.

    PPF Pro Plus Pack (Magnetic)


    The new and improved design of the Magnetic "Make More Money" Squeegees. Extract more solutions with curved and sanded corners for your window tinting and PPF installation. Strategically combined package for...

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