Knife & Blade

    30 Degree Carbon Blade (Japan NT)


    This is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This blade is extremely sharp and is specially made in Japan. Because of this...

    Blade Breaker (Magnetic)


    The BEST blade snapper ever. It can fit in your pouch or pocket for easy transportation. The quality-made plastic will guarantee to snap your stainless steel or carbon blade every...

    Tajima Blk Stainless Steel Knife (Made in Japan)


    High-quality made-in-Japan knife. It is made from stainless steel and painted black. The knife lock in place and have a built-in blade snapper.

    Film Slitter (Heavy Duty Hand Held)


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a heavy-duty slitter that is strong enough to cut safety film. It has a high-quality sharp blade for many...

    30 Degree Carbon Blade (OLFA)


    This product is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This is an extremely sharp blade that is long-lasting. Because of this quality product, it is...

    Film Slitter


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a mini-size slitter that can fit in your pocket or tool pouch. It has a carbon blade for many...

    Ninja Knife (6mm)


    Ninja Knife is a small knife that uses a special 6mm carbon blade. The blade bends easily to reach hard to cut area. This knife is perfect for a straight...

    Carbon Blade (6mm)


    This blade is outstandingly versatile and helpful. This blade is only compatible with our Ninja Knife. There are two sizes, where the 6mm blade is more narrow than the traditional 9mm blade....

    Red Dot Stainless Steel Knife


    The knife that never fail and will last a lifetime. The famous Red Dot stainless steel knife that the most professional installers in the industry use. This is the knife...

    Mini Blade Holder


    Mini Blade Holder will hold a traditional 1" blade. It has a safety feature to securely hold the blade.

    NT Knife (Yellow)


    This knife is perfect to cut along the vehicle crevices and edges. It fit perfectly between the crevice to make a safe cut without cutting the paint. It is made...

    Razor Blades for Heavy-Duty Slitter


    (10) Super Platinum Razor Blades for the Heavy-Duty Slitter. The picture shows the slitter and box of blades. This item is only for the pack of blades.

    Olfa Stainless Steel Blade (50 PACK)


    Window Tinting Blades - Safe on most glass The Olfa AB-50S 13-point stainless steel blades have been the installer's choice for many years. The right combination of sharpness and durability...

    NT Stainless Steel Blade (50 PACK)


    Window Tinting Blades - Safe on most glass From the same company that makes the beloved Red Dot knife, NT Cutter brings you the BA-50SS stainless steel 13-point blades. These professional...

    Zinc Alloy Knife


    This is a very heavy high-quality knife. It can lock the blade into any length using the locking tab. The blade can be loaded and removed from the tip of...

    NT Knife (Red)


    Stainless steel NT knife with red plastic cover. This knife is easy to grip when cutting your PPF. This is the knife Mike Norng use and highly recommend for PPF.

    Stainless Steel Razor Blade (100 pack)


    The stainless steel razor blade measures 1.5". This is safe to use on glass. It is used to remove decal, cleaning, and prepping glass.

    Plastic Blade Scraper (3")


    This is a 3" plastic blade scraper to safety remove adhesive for window film and PPF. It have the perfect 3" width for a more efficient removal instead of using...

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