MUST READ THE SIZE CHART TO PURCHASE THE CORRECT SIZES. THERE ARE NO REFUND. Click here to add your business logo to your M-Vest: Logo Printing The first tool vest...

    GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep


    This is a product that changes your paint to its original state. After manufacturing the paint of the vehicle, it gets washed, buffed, and sealant before delivering to the end...

    Gasket Gap


    Gasket Gap The most innovative tool for tucking your PPF or vinyl film under those gaskets. This tool help creates a gap in tight crevices for that perfect install. This...

    Flexible Magnetic Measuring Tape


    Flexible and durable measuring tape that contains magnets to provide a more convenient way to take measurements. It will not damage vehicle paint and will stick to magnetic surface.

    Glass Teflon Tape & PPF Paint Aid Cutting Tape


    The 1/4" Tape is perfect for a potter strip. It is more durable and affordable than OEM cutting strip. PPF paint aid tape is a glass thermal tape to help...

    Clay Pad - 2 per pack


    This Clay Pad is custom-made for the film industry. After many months of testing the different clay bars/clay pads, I found that they all had some limitations to our industry....

    Waterfall Hood Display


    This is a waterfall hood display to show the hydrophobic effect of ceramic coating on paint and PPF. It is lit up and includes one metal hood. The hood is...

    Ninja Knife (6mm)


    Ninja Knife is a small knife that uses a special 6mm carbon blade. The blade bends easily to reach hard to cut area. This knife is perfect for a straight...

    Foam Rope


    This is an absorbent rope used for absorbing water running down behind the dash of a vehicle while installing film.  Helping to protect the electronics and other parts from water damage.  This rope...

    Ghost Glove


      The new WrapGlove GHOST is a PPF application glove.  However, vinyl, ppf, and tint professionals will find the GHOST a perfect fit within WrapGlove's V3 space by generating little to...

    The Off Set (PPF)


    The Off Set is a specialty-made tool to cut your exterior windshield protection film. The perfect tool to get a nice, smooth, & clean cut. It is offset at 1/16"...

    Premium Wheel Cover (set of 4)


    Premium wheel covers are made of durable, high-quality material. After testing different wheel covers, we pick this one. They are effortless to put on and do not fall off. They are the...

    Mini Side Glass


    Mini side glass gives you the perfect visual presentation to be able to show clients the difference in window tint shades.Glass holder and acrylic display are not included, but is...

    Glass Teflon Tape 1/2" (Glass Tape)


      This is a glass teflon tape use to wrap your tools. It will smoothly glide on the film without scratching it. It is the most durable tape due to...

    Trim Removal Tool (Stainless Steel)


    This stainless steel tools is for the easy removal of clips, body fasteners, interior trim pieces, exterior body moldings, wheel hub caps, etc.  Tips and Tricks: We recommend putting teflon tape...

    Mini Jet Blower


    The Mini Jet Blower is perfect for blower water out of vehicle surface and crevices. It is compact and powerful. It feature a high speed brushless motor that run at...



    This is the o-ring for spray tank and our PPF thermo tank. There are 10 per pack.

    Visual Marketing Wall Board


    ***PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PURCHASING***This board will allow you to sell more of your top tier packages because it gives your client a visual of what your protection product...

    Plastic Protective Tube for M-VEST


    The plastic tube will be a protective measure to protect you and the vest from your tools. It will protect you from tools that can puncture you and the vest. It...

    PPF Professional kit (PPF Tools)


    This is Mike Norng's personal PPF Professional Kit that he has in his own pouch. Retail price for this kit is $515, and is what he uses daily. This is...

    Red Dot Pendant (made with precious metal)


    This pendant is meticulously handcrafted, mirroring the design of a Red Dot knife. It incorporates the distinct sliding mechanism from the Red Dot knife, allowing it to extend and retract...

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