Tank & Sprayer

    MMM Spray Bottle (Electric)


    This is a 1/2 gallon (or 2 l) electric adjustable spray bottle. No more traditional spray bottle or pump bottle ever needed again! It will last for days with a full...

    PPF Thermo Tank - 1 Gallon


    MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING 1 Gallon Thermos Tank to keep your solution hot for 24 hr. It is custom fabricated to connect to a quick connect. It comes with an innovative...

    Syringe Combo - 10ml


    Syringe and 8oz container combo This is a 10ml syringe for your PPF slip solution. You will get a more consistent slip solution by measuring your soap instead of drop. ...

    Angle Spray Tip


    This angle spray tip is compatible with our plastic spray handle. It contains an adjustable tip to change from a mist to a straight stream setting for your solution from your tank.

    Pod Caddy 2024


    This is PREORDER. It will ship in 2-3 weeks. This Pod Caddy is the best equipment to help Tinter, PPF installers, and Detailer be efficient. This equipment will bring your mobility...

    5-Gallon Spray Tank


    This deluxe pressurized tank holds up to 5 gallons of solution. It includes a sprayer setup that is great for a powerful and excellent application. These are NEW 5-gallon stainless steel tanks. ...

    Spray Tank


    Stainless steel spray tank with sprayer set up. These are NEW 5, 3, & 1.75 gallon stainless steel tanks.  Includes: sprayer set up with sprayer handle, angled nozzle, 100 mesh...

    Sprayer Set Up


    The best sprayer set up for the film industry.  Made with straight braided hose so it doesn't kink. Includes:- Sprayer with Angle Tip- Quick Connect- Swivel Connector- 100 Mesh Filter-...

    Electric Sprayer


    Electric sprayer handle is rechargeable and perfect for ppf, tint, and detailing. No more spray bottle or airing up tank to perform your service with this equipment. We custom fabricated...

    Filter - 100 mesh


    This filter is a stainless steel 100 mesh filter. It will eliminate containment for your ppf and tint installation.

    Sprayer Handle Set Up


    The best sprayer handle for your tinting, PPF, and detailing application. It is a very durable sprayer setup that comes with an angled nozzle and 100 mesh stainless steel filters....



    This is the o-ring for spray tank and our PPF thermo tank. There are 10 per pack.

    Quick Connect Set Up


    Quick Connect set up for your stainless steel tank.  Includes: Black Quick Connect Ear Clamp Supporting Tube

    Swivel Male 1/4in Fitting


    This is the fitting that fits our sprayer handle and 1/4" braided blue hose.  You will be able to turn your handle with the swivel function. It also comes with...

    Hose - Braided Straight Hose


    The only hose I recommend for our industry. It is a thick strong braided straight hose that can handle high pressure and extremely hot solution. It is the best hose...

    Spray Tank Lid


    This is the lid that will fit our 5/3/2.5/1.75 gallon stainless steel spray tank. It comes ready to use and modified with the air valve stem.  

    Sprayer Head (Electric)


    This new sprayer head will fit the current MMM spray electric bottle. It has a  rubber button to prevent water from getting into it. It comes with everything you see in the...

    Pressure Relief Valve (Stainless Steel)


      This pressure relief valve will allow your tank to hold more pressure. The pressure release will only relief pressure above 130psi.  This is stainless steel compare to the oem...

    Dip Tube (5 Gallon Tank)


    This dip tube is made for a 5-gallon spray tank. It allows your 5-gallon tank to convert into 2 sprayers.  You will also need to buy a ball lock if you...

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