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    Vinyl Tools and Equipment

    GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep


    This is a product that changes your paint to its original state. After manufacturing the paint of the vehicle, it gets washed, buffed, and sealant before delivering to the end...

    Mini Torch


    Mini butane torch, perfect for directing heat onto certain/tight areas. Perfect torch for pretreating window tint and touching up your corner wrap for PPF. I have been testing a few...

    Magic Stick


    The perfect stick for wrapping behind all those hard to reach places.  Perfect for any ppf and vinyl wrap installer!

    30 Degree Carbon Blade (Japan NT)


    This is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This blade is extremely sharp and is specially made in Japan. Because of this...

    Gasket Gap


    Gasket Gap The most innovative tool for tucking your PPF or vinyl film under those gaskets. This tool help creates a gap in tight crevices for that perfect install. This...

    Blade Breaker (Magnetic)


    The BEST blade snapper ever. It can fit in your pouch or pocket for easy transportation. The quality-made plastic will guarantee to snap your stainless steel or carbon blade every...

    Flexible Magnetic Measuring Tape


    Flexible and durable measuring tape that contains magnets to provide a more convenient way to take measurements. It will not damage vehicle paint and will stick to magnetic surface.

    Tucking Pro Tool (Magnetic)


    The ultimate tucking tool kit to aid you in your installation of PPF and vinyl. 7 unique tools that are all magnetic. Take your installation to the next level with...

    Tajima Blk Stainless Steel Knife (Made in Japan)


    High-quality made-in-Japan knife. It is made from stainless steel and painted black. The knife lock in place and have a built-in blade snapper.

    Glass Teflon Tape & PPF Paint Aid Cutting Tape


    The 1/4" Tape is perfect for a potter strip. It is more durable and affordable than OEM cutting strip. PPF paint aid tape is a glass thermal tape to help...

    Film Slitter (Heavy Duty Hand Held)


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a heavy-duty slitter that is strong enough to cut safety film. It has a high-quality sharp blade for many...

    Ninja Stick


    Squeegee stick perfect for tucking and edge wrapping ppf and vinyl. Three different hardness to choose from.

    Film Clip


    These are plastic flexible film clip to hold your PPF, window film, and vinyl film in place.

    Waist Heat Gun Holder


    The Waist Heat Gun Holds is the most efficient way of keeping your heat gun close to you when you need it. It is made from a very durable recycled...

    Green Bondo Soft Card (magnetic)


    This soft bondo card is perfect for PPF and vinyl. It is a high-quality and flexible magnetic squeegee. It will help edge wrap your PPF without damaging the film. The...

    Angle Tucking Tool (magnetic)


    The Angle Tucking Tool is the most popular tool used in the edge wrapping tool set. It is perfect for precise work and maneuvering vinyl. This magnetic tool has the...



    The Chizler combines a small size, stiff material and beveled edges to make it a perfect tool for pressing out small crease marks and getting small air pockets to lay...

    30 Degree Carbon Blade (OLFA)


    This product is a 30-degree carbon blade that the AFS team uses to cut and score PPF. This is an extremely sharp blade that is long-lasting. Because of this quality product, it is...

    Black Bondo Hard Card (magnetic)


    This hard Bondo card is perfect for both PPF and vinyl. It is a high-quality, flexible, and magnetic squeegee. It will help with edge-wrapping PPF without damaging the film. The...

    Film Slitter


    Film slitter for your PPF, vinyl, and window film. It is a mini-size slitter that can fit in your pocket or tool pouch. It has a carbon blade for many...

    Tucking Tools (Stainless Steel)


    These tucking tools are made out of stainless steel and will last you a lifetime. The set contains an angled and flat tucking tool. The perfect tools for your PPF...

    Pro Wrapstick


    Magnetic Tucking tools with narrow ends to fit in tight panel gaps.

    Ghost Glove


      The new WrapGlove GHOST is a PPF application glove.  However, vinyl, ppf, and tint professionals will find the GHOST a perfect fit within WrapGlove's V3 space by generating little to...

    Red Dot Stainless Steel Knife


    The knife that never fail and will last a lifetime. The famous Red Dot stainless steel knife that the most professional installers in the industry use. This is the knife...

    Emblem Removal Bar


    The Emblem Removal Bar tool is the fastest and easiest way to remove vehicle emblems and logos from a vehicle. This tool is used before applying PPF, wrap, and graphic...

    Vertical Film Holder


    A vertical film holder will help make you super efficient. No more of storing your film in boxes where it can be moved around anywhere in your shop. The film holders...

    Trim Removal Tools


    Tools to remove any trims, door panels, and parts. These tools will prevent scratches for your removal. They are made from high-quality plastic and are heavy-duty to ensure they last...

    Titanium Tweezer


    The perfect angle tweezer for PPF and vinyl installations. Made from titanium and is very durable without bending the end. The tweezer can grasp film without slipping, administrating a flawless pull...

    Premium Wheel Cover (set of 4)


    Premium wheel covers are made of durable, high-quality material. After testing different wheel covers, we pick this one. They are effortless to put on and do not fall off. They are the...

    CRL Push Stick


    This is the strongest push stick ever made. It is very durable and will last longer than any other push stick. We use it to remove parts, panels, clip, and...

    Heat Gun Holder (Magnetic)


    MUST READ: THIS IS PREORDER AND WILL TAKE 6-8 WEEKS. Universal Heat Gun Holder is the best heat gun holder with a strong magnet. Come with a metal bar so...

    Glass Teflon Tape 1/2" (Glass Tape)


      This is a glass teflon tape use to wrap your tools. It will smoothly glide on the film without scratching it. It is the most durable tape due to...

    Magnetic Post & Aid Set


    Heavy-duty magnet post to help aid you during your installs. Reusable magnetic aid that can stick to almost any surface allowing you to place your magnetic tools within arms reach...

    Trim Removal Tool (Stainless Steel)


    This stainless steel tools is for the easy removal of clips, body fasteners, interior trim pieces, exterior body moldings, wheel hub caps, etc.  Tips and Tricks: We recommend putting teflon tape...

    Grey Bondo Card


    This is a grey hard card that Mike Norng uses to fold and tuck his PPF installs. It is stiff enough to extract your solution while folding the edge. Perfect...

    Wet Edge Squeegee


    A perfect squeegee for carding window tint film and vinyl wrapping. Wrap your vehicles faster and better. The only squeegee applicator made for wet installations. No scratches, no marks, just...

    Razor Blades for Heavy-Duty Slitter


    (10) Super Platinum Razor Blades for the Heavy-Duty Slitter. The picture shows the slitter and box of blades. This item is only for the pack of blades.

    Olfa Stainless Steel Blade (50 PACK)


    Window Tinting Blades - Safe on most glass The Olfa AB-50S 13-point stainless steel blades have been the installer's choice for many years. The right combination of sharpness and durability...

    Heat Gun Holder(Stand)


    Have your heat gun and tools next to you when you need them for tint, vinyl, and PPF. It provides a safe and easy way to store heat guns after use....

    Heat Gun Holder (Table Top)


    It provides a safe and easy way to store heat guns after use. The base is heavy, so it doesn't slide. A perfect and organized way to keep your heat...

    NT Stainless Steel Blade (50 PACK)


    Window Tinting Blades - Safe on most glass From the same company that makes the beloved Red Dot knife, NT Cutter brings you the BA-50SS stainless steel 13-point blades. These professional...

    Tucking Turtle


    A handy tools to tuck your vinyl and PPF.

    Stainless Steel Razor Blade (100 pack)


    The stainless steel razor blade measures 1.5". This is safe to use on glass. It is used to remove decal, cleaning, and prepping glass.

    Red Ninja Stick


    The Red stick is most used Ninja Stick out of the three. It have the perfect hardness for tucking your PPF and Vinyl. You are now able to just purchase...

    Film Table Roller


    51" wide Roller for PPF, Vinyl, and sign shop. This will make it efficient and save you material costs for your business. This roller can hold size film up to...

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