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GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep

GRAB - Edge & Surface Prep

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This is a product that changes your paint to its original state. After manufacturing the paint of the vehicle, it gets washed, buffed, and sealant before delivering to the end consumer. This product will remove all the slick filler and chemicals so the film will GRAB to the edges of the vehicle’s body panel.

It is only recommended for edges, corners, and deep valley. This product does not leave any residue when removing film like traditional edge prep. You will love the smell, GUARANTEE!!!

This is our secret trick for AFS, and is how we make our installs look like there is no film on the vehicle. Installs matte PPF and vinyl to look like a factory finish with GRAB.

Perfect product to ensure more coverage for your PPF and vinyl without lifting issues.

- Ensures your surface is free of contaminants before installing vinyl and PPF
- Is NOT an adhesive promotor; no damage to clear coat or painted surfaces.
- Allows film to be lifted and repositioned if necessary.
- Can be used safely to prep sharp corners and recessed areas before wrapping to ensure quick bond.

2. Ensure the car has been cleaned properly before use.
3. Spray GRAB directly onto a clean, dry microfiber towel.
4. DO NOT spray directly onto the vehicle.
5. Wipe the desired edges and corners to be cleaned.
6. Use a clean towel to wipe down any residue left behind.
7. Proceed to install your film, knowing it will stay down.
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